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Silicone Ingredients for Cosmetics

Silicones used in personal care applications are of diversified types, including cyclic, linear, or organo-functional polydimethylsiloxanes (PDMS), as well as silicone elastomer dispersions and resins. This wide range of molecules provides benefits that impact the performance of almost every type of beauty product, conferring attributes such as good spreading, film forming, wash-off resistance, skin feel, volatility and permeability.

SILIBASE SILICONE produce and sell Hydrophilic Silicone Wax, Silicone Wax, Silicone Emulsion, Hydroxyl Silicone Emulsion, Amodimethicone Microemulsion, Cationic Amodimethicone Emulsion, Silicone Elastomer Gel, Silicone Elastomer Suspension, Dimethicone, Skin Care and Hair Care Silicone Oil, Gloss Oil, Hydrophilic Silicone Oil, Amodimethicone, Volatile Silicone Oil, Phenylmethicone, Low Viscosity Alkyl Dimethicone, Formulation Aid, W/O Emulsifier, Silicone Resin Blend and so on. 

Item No. Dow Corning Momentive Wacker Shin Etsu
Silibase-8238B Silicone Wax DC 2501
- DMC 6038 -
Silibase-8238 Silicone Wax DC 508 WAX
SF-1632 SDM 6022
Silibase-5805 Silicone Emulsion DC2-1352
SM-2169 -
Silibase-5866 Silicone Emulsion -
- -
Silibase-5807 Hydroxyl Silicone Emulsion DC 1785
- -
Silibase-5888 Amodimethicone Microemulsion DC 8168
SM-2115 -
Silibase-5899 Cationic Amodimethicone Emulsion DC 949
SM-2059 ADM 6057
Silibase-6800C Silicone Elastomer Gel DC 9546
- -
Silibase-6800D Silicone Elastomer Gel DC 9045
- -

Silibase-6806 Silicone Elastomer Powder DC 9506
- -
Silibase-6810 Silicone Elastomer Gel -
- -
Silibase-9806 Dimethicone DC 200
 SF-96 D M
Silibase-9819 Hydrophilic Silicone Oil DC 190
 SF-1228 DMC 6032
Silibase-9861 Skin Care and Hair Care Silicone Oil DC 1401
 SF-1214 CM 1000
Silibase-9818 Gloss Oil DC 2502
- LDM 3107
Silibase-9839 Hydrophilic Silicone Oil DC 193
SF-1288 DMC 6031
Silibase-9845 Volatile Silicone Oil DC 245
SF-1202 CM 040
Silibase-9848 Volatile Silicone Oil DC 345
SF-1256 -
Silibase-9849 Volatile Silicone Oil DC 246
SF-034 -
Silibase-9812 Low Viscosity Alkyl Dimethicone DC 3196
SF-034 -
Silibase-9831 Formulation Aid DC 5225C
SF-1328 SPG 128VP
Silibase-9832 Formulation Aid -
- -
Silibase-9836 Formulation Aid -
- -
Silibase-9838 W/O Emulsifier -
- -
Silibase-7849 Silicone Resin Blend DC 749
- -

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