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Agricultural Organo Silicone Surfactant

Silibase Silicone can produce similar functional products as Silwet 408, Break Thru S240, Dow Corning Q2-5211, Silwet L-77, Sylgard 309, Silwet HS-429, Silwet 806, Silwet 560 and so on.

Other descriptions: Agricultural Organic Silicone Synergistic Agent, Organo Silicone Surfactant , Agricultural Silicone Surfactant , Agricultural Spreading and Penetrating Agent, Spray Adjuvant for Agricultural Applications, Agricultural Silicone Spreading and Penetrating Agent, Polyether Modified Trisiloxane for Agricultrual, Organosilicon Pesticide Synergist Sufactant, Silicone Super Wetting Spreading Agent, Organosilicon Super Penetrating Spreading Surfactant. 

Item No. Case No. Typical Performance Competitor
Silibase-2848 67674-67-3 Silibase-2848 Spray Adjuvant is a super-spreading 
agent made of polyether modified trisiloxane.
Silibase-2848 spray adjuvant lowers the surface tension of 
spray solutions, beyond that which is achievable with 
conventional adjuvants.
Silwet 408
Silibase-2848P Confidential Silibase-2848P is powder silicone which active content is alkoxy modified solidified polymeric trisiloxane, which has super spreading force. It can decrease the strain of the spray fluid surface much better than groovy assistants.
Silibase-2877 27306-78-1 Silibase-2877 is a 100% nonionic organosilicone 
product which has been  proven to have effective and
powerful wetting capabilities when used in aqueous
Silwet L-77
Silibase-2843 134180-76-0 Silibase-2843 is a new generation surfactant based on 
organo-modified siloxane technology for use in water-based 
pesticide formulations. 
Silibase-2843 is a highly effective nonionic surfactant, wetter,
spreader, penetrant. 
Break Thru S240
Silibase-2886 134180-76-0 Silibase-2886 spray adjuvant is a superspreading surfactant
based on a trisiloxane alkoxylate.
Silibase-2886 spray adjuvant lowers the surface tension of
spray solutions, beyond that which is achievable with
conventional adjuvants.
Silwet 806
Silibase-28309 125997-17-3 Silibase-28309 silicone surfactant is a nonionic 
surfactant that has been specifically 
designed to enhance the  efficacy of pesticides.
Silibase-28309 is Particularly effective when
used with water-soluble and post-emergent
Sylgard 309
Silibase-285211 Confidential Silibase-285211 super wetting agent is a low molecular 
weight nonionic silicone polyether surfactant, developed 
to improve the wetting, spreading and penetration of 
agricultural chemicals. 
Silibase-285211 may be used as a formulation ingredient
in pesticide products, or as a tank-mix adjuvantfor foliar 
applied chemicals.
Dow Corning Q2-5211
Silibase-4829 Confidential Silibase-4829 penetrant is a new, hydrolytically 
stable silicone adjuvant with a  broad PH stability range. 
It is an excellent candidate for formulators to consider 
for the enhancement of the efficacy of glyphosate
herbicede products.
Silwet HS-429
Silibase-5860 Confidential Silibase-5860 superspreader is an alkyl modified trisiloxane
that may provide enhanced spreading properties to agricultural
oils. The increased spreading on foliar surfaces may improve
the coverage of oils, thereby allowing for a more efficient use
and delivery of oil-based pesticide formulations.
Silibase-5860 oil soluble spreader is insoluble in water, but the
alkyl modification makes this product compatible with most organic oils.
Silwet 560

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