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Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid

Item No.: Silibase-8484

Other Descriptions: 
Waterproofing Silicone , Silicone for Waterproofing , Silicone for Gypsum board , Silicone for Waterproofing Plaster Block , Silicone for Plaster Board , Water Repellent Treatment , Equivalent of Momentive TSF484 , Same as Baysilone MH-20 ,  Similar as Shinetsu KF-99 , Countertype of SisiB PF2020 , Analogue of Dow Corning MH 1007 , Replacement of GE SF1040 ,Equal to Rhodorsil H68 , Homologous to SILRES BS 94 , Corresponding GE Bayer MH 15 , Same as Bluesil WR68 ,  China Methylhydrogen , High Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid , High Hydrogen Silicone Oil , High hydrogen-containing Silicone Oil Hydric Silicone Fluid , Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid , Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Oil , Methyl Hydrogen Polysiloxane ,  Methyl Hydrogen Silicone , Methylhydrogen Siloxane , Methylhydropolysiloxane , Silicone Hydride Fluid , PolymethylhydrogensiloxanePolymethylhydrosilxoane , Poly methyl hydrogen fluid , 202 Methyl Hydrogen silicone fluid .

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Momentive TSF484, Baysilone MH-20, Shinetsu KF-99, SisiB PF2020, Dow Corning MH 1007, GE SF1040, Rhodorsil H68, SILRES BS 94,  GE Bayer MH 15, Bluesil WR68.
Key Features and Benefits Excellent water repellency but moderate softness

CAS No.: 63148-57-2

Hydrogen Content: 1.58-1.60%
Viscosity: ( 25°C, mm2/s) 20.00-30.00
Volatile Content: (150°,3H) ≤3%
Flash Point: ≥160°C
Appearance:Colorless, tasteless, and transparent oily fluid
PH: 6-7
Remark: non-toxic, non-dangerous, non—hazardous substance

Product Performance:
As the molecule contains a lively and Si-H bond, it can participate in a variety of chemical reactions, has a good film-forming properties;
It is alkali or Lewis acid in the presence of such substances, with the HO or R-OH reactions and emit the H2; 
In the presence of platinum chromium compounds easily react with the vinyl compound;
When T> 50 ℃, it can with the epoxy group-containing compounds reaction;
Its heat-resistant than dimethyl silicone oil, but its water-repellent moisture-proof and anti-sticking properties such as dimethyl silicone oil than good;
Catalytic role in the metal salts, it can be cross-linked at low temperatures in a variety of material that is able to form a hydrophobic film surface.

Main use:
• Waterproofing agent in plasterboard
• A ceramic anti-fouling, anti-oil, water treatment agent
• Synthesis of various modified silicone oil, silicone rubber intermediate 
• With the important natural and synthetic fabrics, silk, leather waterproofing 
• Agent and softener 
• Paper waterproof, anti-viscosity
• Glass fiber waterproof softener
• Oily foundation makeup in the thinning agent used and lubricants, anti-corrosion anti-viscosity

Packing and Storage: 
Products with plastic barrel packing, specification is 100kg 200kg, with polyethylene plastic barrel packing,  specification 5kg 20kg 50kg.Products should be stored in clean, airtight containers, avoid contact with acids,alkalis, and mixed with other impurities, avoid contact with open flame or methyl hydrogen silicone polymer will quickly decompose, releasing a hidden danger in the air with the explosion of hydrogen.Product should be stored on a cool dry place to prevent direct sunlight, storage period is six months overdue have passed the test can still be used.
This product is on non-dangerous goods transport.

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