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Silibase-9806 Dimethicone

Item No.: Silibase-9806
Product Name: Dimethicone
Equivalent Products: DC 200,SF-96,D M,KF-96

Highly volatile carrier;
Compatible with a wide range of lipophilic cosmetic ingredients;
Low surface tension´╝Ť

Excellent spreading ;
Leaves no residue or build-up;
No greasy feel;

Silibase-9806 Dimethicone is a colorless, non-noxious and highly volatile silicone fluid. The product has very low viscosity
and excellent spreading ability.ilibase-9806 Dimethicone has excellent compatibility with a wide range of lipophilic cosmetic
 ingredients, and widely used in personal care products, such as skin care, color cosmetics, and so on.

With the excellent spreading ability and special volatility, the product can be used as the basic fluid in personal care products,
such as antiperspirants, deodorants, skin lotions, nail polishes, and so on.

Storage and Transport:
Silibase-9806 Dimethicone is a low viscosity with low flash point. As with any flammable material, containers should be kept
tightly closed and away from heat, sparks, open flames and other sources of ignition. In storage and transportation, prevent
from the exposure of moisture, acids, alkalis, and other impurities.
The products have 24 months shelf life from the date of production at room temperature in seal-tight condition.

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