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Silicone Stabilizer for Rigid and Flexible Foam

Silicone Stabilizer for Rigid and Flexible Foam

Silibase Silicone can produce similar functional products as L-6980, B8404, B8525, DC193, B8462, L-6900, B8460, L-5566, DC5357, L-5340, L-6860, B8110, DC5810, NIAX L-580, DC190, DC3043, DC5043, B8681,Y-10366, L-5309 and so on.

Other descritptions: Silicone Surfactant for Rigid Foam Stabilizer, Silicone Stabilizers for Flexible Foam, Rigid Foam Stabilizer, Silicone for Rigid Foam, Silicone Stabilizer, Silicone Surfactant for Shoe Sole, Stabilizer for PU Sole, Foam stabilizer,Silicone for PU sole rigid foam, Silicone for polyurethane rigid foam.

  • Flexible Slabstock Foam

    SILIBASE SILICONE produce and sell equivalent of L-580, silicone surfactant same as DC-5810, silicone stabilizer similar as B-8110, Countertype quality of DC-5950 surfactant, analogue of B-8239, replacement of L-650, equal to B8123, homologous to DC5199, equivalent of B8168, same as L568, BF2370, B4900, L620, B8158, B-8002, DC-5950, B8239, DC-5990, L5770, L650‚ĶSILIBASE SILICON...

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  • Molded and High Resilience Foam

    High resilience foam is a polyurethane foam that has a much higher responsiveness than memory foam, which has a slower response. Because of this, those that enjoy more of a bounce in their mattress will gravitate towards this type of foam.HR foams are different from regular poly foams by the chemicals used to make it. HR foams use higher-quality chemicals that contribute to the elasticity and dura...

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  • Silicone Surfactant for Rigid Foam

    In the production of rigid polyurethane foams using a third generation blowing agent, the silicone surfactants provide for foams with higher closed cell content and lower k-factors than silicone surfactants traditionally used in the rigid polyurethane foam industry.SILIBASE SILICONE Surfactant for Rigid Polyurethane Foams can be used to improve sur...

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