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Silibase-9832 Formulation Aid

Item No.: Silibase-9832
Product Name: Formulation Aid
Equivalent Products: KF-6012

High surface ability;
Big molecular meight, O/W emulsifier;

High emulsifying ability;
has good effect in exclusive use;
Wide range of emulsifiable continuous oil phase viscosity;
can be used in cosmetics and etc.

Silibase-9832 Formulation Aid has two different polyether chain segment, pale yellow translucence or near transparent liquid,
light smell, hypotoxic, high emulsifying ability. It can emulsify wide range viscosity of silicone oil and can be used widely as O/W
emulsifier in silicone emulsion formula.

Widely as O/W emulsifier in silicone emulsion formula

Storage and Transport:
This product is a non-dangerous product. Avoiding exposure in rain, acid/alkali and other impurities are required. The product has
24 months shelf life from the date of production at room temperature in seal-tight condition.

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