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Silicone Resin

After several years of study and research, Silibase Silicone D&P develop a wide range of Silicone Resins. Product Lists as below:

1) Methyl Silicone Resin;
2) Methylphenyl Silicone Resin;
3) Modified Silicone Resin;
4) Specility Silicone Resins;

Silibase Silicone Resin series products have these properties: high temperature resistance, good electrical insulation, resistant to moisture waterproof, fire retardant, anti-corrosion and so on. Silibase Silicone Resin series products are widely used in the aerospace industry, household appliances, electronics, electrical machinery, chemicals, modified metal oxide, mica insulation materials industries and others.

SILIBASE SILICONE can produce silicone resin equivalent of TSR-127, analogue of TSR127B, Silres MK, equal to DC804, same as DC806A, similar as TSR144, countertype of DC840, same quality as TSR117, 409 HS, replacement of DC805, DC808, TSR116, SILKOPHEN P40/W, MP50B, DC6018, Silres SY 300, TSR194, TSR145, YR3370 and so on. 

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