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Silibase-9848 Volatile Silicone Oil

Item No.: Silibase-9848
Product Name:Volatile Silicone Oil
Equivalent Products: DC 345,SF-1256

Easy to be emulsified;
Colorless and nontoxic;
Reducing the viscosity;
Compatible with lots of cosmetic ingredients;
No long-term remains on skin and hair;

No oily and cold feeling;
Smooth silky feel to skin;
Excellent spreading and emulsification;
Volatile silicone carrier;

Silibase-9848 Volatile Silicone Oil is a mixture comprised of cyclomethicone D5 and D6, with the clear and nontoxic
properties The product has high compatibility with lots of cosmetic ingredients, with the Benefits of bright, smooth,
non-grease. lower volatility and more durable than D5.For its low vapor heat, there is no cold feel on skin and no
long-lasting remains on skin and hair when it evaporates.

Silibase-9848 Volatile Silicone Oil may be used in cream or lotion for skin care and hair care, in massage cream,
and in antiperspirants, etc.

Storage and Transport:
Silibase-9848 Volatile Silicone Oil has low flush point and it is flammable, keep it away from heat, open flames and
other sources of ignition. Prevent from the exposure of moisture, acid, alkalis and other impurities.
The product has at least 24 months shelf life from the date of production at room temperature.

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