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Silicone Surfactant for Personal Care

Silibase Silicone can produce similar functional products as GE1188A, DC-344, DC-1401, DC193, DC-8209, DC-245, DC-230, PMX200, DC-1411 and so on.

Other descritptions: Silicone Surfactant for personal Care, Silicone for Personal Care, Silicone Agent for Hair sprays, Silicone for Hand lotion, Silicon for Antiperspirants,Silicon Agent for Shaving aids and Shampoos, Silicone Surfactant for Pet, Animal Shampoos,Sufactant for Personal Care

Item No. Typical performance Competitor
Silibase-9856 Excellent compatibility with lots of organic solvents
Easy to be emulsified
Enhancing the glossing with high refractive index
Oxidation resistance
Silibase-9818 Excellent compatibility with organic
ingredients in personal care products
Smooth feel
DC Fluid 2502
Silibase-9817 Velvety and silky feel
Non-greasy and freely dredge
Forming a soft silicone protective film
Providing the best glossing and feeling properties
DC Fluid 1503
Silibase-9816C Velvety and silky feel
Providing the best glossing and feeling properties
Forming a soft silicone protective film 
DC Fluid 1501
Silibase-9816 Velvety and silky feel
Providing the best glossing and feeling properties
Forming a soft silicone protective film
Silibase-9806 Excellent spreading ability
Excellent hydrophobic and gas permeability
Low odor´╝îlower vapour pressure
Good spreading ability and easy to rub
Silky skin feel
Silibase-5899A Cationic emulsion of amodimethicone
 Keep viscosity stable in shampoos
Good conditioning properties with emulsified silicone oil
Cationic Amodimethicone Emulsion
Silibase-5812 Long-chain alkyl modified polysiloxane
Medium-molecular polymer
Low friction
Good lubricated properties, available in printing demolding
Gloss the product surface
Good compatibility with organic materials.
Silibase-5542 Excellent volatility and solubility. Comfortable and warm feel when
it is filmed on the skin. Excellent compatibility with dimethyl silicone
oil, ethanol, acetic ether and other organic solvent.
Silibase-3822 It can be used into hair shampoo, hair conditioner, nutrition hair oil, mousse and so on. DC-8209
Silibase-2893C Wetting agent, emulsifier and foam builder for cosmetics
and personal care products, such asHair sprays, Hand lotion,
Antiperspirants, Shaving aids and Shampoos
Silibase-2852 Velvety and silky feel
Providing the best glossing and feeling properties
Forming a soft silicone protective film
Silibase-2844 Volatile carrier
Compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients
Low surface tension
Translent effect
Excellent spreading
Leaves no residue or build up
Silibase-2839 Useful in cold and warm water formulations
Excellent leveling and surfactant characteristics
Good lubricating and release characteristics

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