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Hydroxypropyl Silicone Oil

Product Name: Hydroxypropyl silicone oil
Other names: Mold release agent, silane coupling agent
Nature of the product And Classification: Reactivity Hydroxypropyl silicone oil

Hydroxypropyl silicone oil is a linear organo-functional polysiloxane.
Due to the presence of terminal primary hydroxyl group, as an active ingredient in a suitable polymer can be used for the synthesis of organosilicon - polyurethane / polyester block polymer.

Physical Properties:
Appearance: colorless or yellow transparent oily liquid
Active ingredients: 100%
The relative density of 0.95 - 0.96

Similar Products:
TEGO Protect 5000, Dow Corning BY16-201

Product features:
Improve the low temperature toughness of the polymer.
Given polymer processing fluidity.
Silicones  Automatic chemotactic sheet effects to made the polymer to produce excellent isolation, anti-sticking.
Improve the temperature resistance.
Improve the wear resistance.

Instructions for use and areas:
Resistance markers,anti-graffiti effect,for the manufacture of solvent-based anti-graffiti coating modified polydimethylsiloxane, having the additional peelable effect. Limited miscibility with aromatic hydrocarbons, can be diluted with esters, ketones and alcohols.
Adding a small amount (3% to 30%, the added amount) is determined according to the performance required to replace the original formulation of the polyol.
Can be used the performance shape from the agents, mold release agents.The recommended dosage is typically 3-20%. Mainly used in the silicone rubber, urethane, paints, etc..

The packaging: 1kgs, 5KGS 25KGS, 200KGS / barrel
Storage and Shelf life: Sealed and stored at room temperature storage. Shelf life is at least 12 months, contact with tin (eg with metal containers) will shorten storage stability.
Transportation: This product is non-dangerous goods storage and transportation as a general chemical.

Item No. Rotational Viscosity(25℃ CS) Hydroxyl content Molecular weight Refractive index(25℃)
Silibase-28540 80 0.8% 4300 1.400-1.410
Silibase-28530 60 1.1% 3000 1.410-1.420
Silibase-28520 39 1.7% 2000 1.410-1.420

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