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Release Agent

These products have taken the advantages of strong hydrophobicity, large contact angle of water, excellent oxidation resistance, low surface tension, high chemical stability, non-toxic, non-irritating, no causing skin allergies, immiscibility in rubber, plastic of organic siloxane, so that it achieves the functions of isolation, smoothness and lubrication, making which an ideal candidate of separant in the producing process of plastic and rubber products.

Product List of SILIBASE Silicone Release Agent
CategoryProduct NameItem No.Applications
PU Release AgentPU Shoe Sole Water-borne Release AgentSilibaseRA-4309
PU shoe soles release agent is mainly used for requiring post-processing of 
polyester & polyether PU shoe sole, and other polyester products stripping.
PU Shoe Sole Oily Release AgentSilibaseRA-4111Oil based release agent is suitable for polyurethane, polyester, polyether single density high gloss PU shoe soles,and other PU products stripping.
PU Rigid Foam Release AgentSilibaseRA-4302Solvent based release agent is suitable for low-density /rigid polyurethane foam moulding, Semi-rigid and high-density PU foam products stripping.
PU High Resilience Release AgentSilibaseRA-4305Solvent based release agent suitable for car seats, PU flexible padding foam, headrests, sofa, mattress, flexible PU toys and other components, especially for 30-80℃ hot and cold cure foam.
PU Elastomer Release AgentSilibaseRA-4311
One organosilicone and teflon mixed liquid is suitable for PU elastomer 
products, PU rubber covered roller, PU seals products stripping.
PU Filter Release AgentSilibaseRA-4112
Oil based release agent release agent suitable for PU filter foam,efficiently 
added polymer chemicals compounded to meet lubrication and release 
PU Car Roof Release AgentSilibaseRA-4046
Mainly used in car ceiling, car carpets and car roof. Especially suitable for 
high temperature mold demoulding.
Die Casting Release Agent
Releasing Agent for Aluminium Alloy 
Die Casting
Suitable for medium-size complicated fittings pressure die casting, such as lampshade, medium-size auto parts and other complicated household 
electric appliances.
Magnesium Alloy Pressure Casting Releasing AgentSilibaseRA-4MAL
Applicable to the general process of magnesium alloy and surface simple 
magnesium alloy die castings.
Zinc Alloy Diecast Releasing AgentSilibaseRA-4ZAL
Synthetic hydrocarbon oil release agent is suitable for a variety of zinc alloy 
die casting.
Composite Mold ReleaseCarbon Fiber Mould ReleasesSilibaseRA-4CFS
Suitable for Carbon fiber mobile phone shell,helmet, boating pulp and 
carbon fiber plate, sheet, fishing rod, golf clubs,bike rack, the surface of the 
shaft, tennis rackets.
Oily Epoxy Resin Mould ReleasesSilibaseRA-4OEPSolvent based and ready-to-use mold release agent is applicable for various epoxy resin products demoulding, such as bicycle frame,phone shell as well as rackets, and other epoxy resin castings.
Water-borne Epoxy Resin Mould 
Water based mold release agent applicable for epoxy resin products 
demoulding, such as bicycle frame,phone shell as well as rackets, and other
composite castings.
FRP Mould ReleasesSilibaseRA-4FRP
Unsaturated polyester resin / epoxy resin / vinyl ester resin and acrylic 
resin. Especially applicable in bathtub,cement slab,tile,pultrusion,hot
briquetting,artificial stone and so on.
PVA Mould ReleasesSilibaseRA-4PVA
Suitable unsaturated resin, epoxy, phenolic resins and other rubber 
products in addition to the silicone rubber outer mold release.
Rubber Release AgentInner Tube Mold DopeSilibaseRA-4ITT
Semi-permanent and water based emulsion release agent is used for inside
tire curing, semi-permanent type.
External Tyre Mold DopeSilibaseRA-4OTT
Water-based environmental friendly release agent for rubber outside tires,
is mainly applicable for a various surface of outside tyre demoulding by 
assisting to rubber flow and air bleed.
Water Based Rubber Mold DopeSilibaseRA-4RUB
Water-based environmental release agent is used for rubber pipe, 
gasket,hose, wheels and other rubber products demoulding.
Plastic Release AgentEVA Release AgentSilibaseRA-4EVA
Silicone emulsion water based for EVA products and various rubber mold 
release, all kinds of plastic products stripping with high-speed rotary 
Epoxy Resin LED Release AgentSilibaseRA-4LED
External spraying type mold release oil has good performance on high 
temperature resistance, oxidation resistance,mold surface lubrication and 
ensure the gloss of epoxy LED surface.
Concrete Release AgentOily Concrete Demoulding AgentSilibaseRA-4OCC
Oil based concrete release agent is suitable for aluminum, steel, resin, ABS 
plastic molds and other material molds concrete formwork, cement 
products, iron mold.
Water-borne Demoulding Agent for 
Water based concrete mold release agent suitable for cement
products,Steel, iron mold, aluminum mold, resin mold surface release.

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