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Silibase-5888 Amodimethicone Microemulsion

Item No.: Silibase-5888
Product Name: Amodimethicone Microemlsion
Equivalent Products: DC 8168,SM-2115,B-238B

Micro-emulsion of amodimethicone;
Used in transparent shampoo;
Good conditioning agent for hair care products;

Excellent wet and dry combing properties;
Silky and super smooth feeling;
Excellent conditioning agent for weakened hair;

Silibase-5888 Amodimethicone Microemlsion is a poly amino modified dimethylsiloxane micro-emulsion, which contains
reactive moiety. The product could be used as conditioning agent of transparent shampoo, and provide excellent wet and
dry combing properties, silky and super smooth feeling.

Silibase-5888 Amodimethicone Microemlsion could be used in hair care cream, transparent shampoo, 2-in-1 conditional
shampoo, setting gel/lotion, conditioning agent before chemical treatment of hair care; deep conditioning agent for hair dyeing.

Storage and Transport:
Silibase-5888 Amodimethicone Microemlsion is non-dangerous product. In storage and transportation, prevent from the exposure
of moisture, acids, alkalis, the sun and rain directly. The product has at least 24 months shelf life from the date of production at room
temperature in seal-tight condition.

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