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Silibase-8238 Silicone Wax

Item No.: Silibase-8238 

Product Name: Silicone Wax 

Equivalent Products: DC 580 WAXSF-1632SDM 6022KF-6012


· Organomodified silicone wax; 
·  Nontoxic and non-irritating;  
·  Compatible with many organic ingredients;


·  Silky and emollient feel ; 
·  Outstanding lubricating and glossing properties ; 
·   Hydrophobic; 
·   Forming a soft non-occlusive film;


Silibase-8238 Silicone Wax is a waxy mixture of stearoxy trimethylsilane and stearyl alcohol. It is a new silicone 
wax with characteristic odor. The product is non-toxic and non-irritation and has excellent soft and silky feel to 
skin. Silibase-8238 Silicone Wax is used widely in personal care industries, including color cosmetics, hair
care, and skin care.


Applied in all kinds of personal care products, including:
·  Skin care: Skin creams, Body protective cream, Moisturing lotion, etc.
·  Color cosmetics: Lipstick; Foundation cream, Liquid make-up,etc.

Storage and Transport: 

The product is non-dangerous product. In storage and transportation, prevent from the exposure of moisture, acids, 
alkalis, the sun and rain directly.  It is suggested that the product stored in a cool room which temperature is below 
30°C.At temperatures above 38°C, The product will start to melt and separation may occur. This is a physical
separation of the product, not a quality or chemistry issue. If separation does occur, the product should be remelted
to 60-70°C and mixed thoroughly to form a homogeneous mixture prior to use. There is no change of product chemistry
and physical properties after re-melting process.The product has at least 24 months shelf life from the date of production 
at room temperature in the original unopened containers condition.

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