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SilibaseRA-4AAL Die Casting Release Agent

Product Name: Die Casting Release Agent

Item No.: SilibaseRA-4AAL


SilibaseRA-4AAL Die Casting Release Agent is a high concentrate release agent for Aluminum alloy pressure die casting is our new research products with high tech formula. According to our specific release agent formula, it is a medium grade demoluling agent. It’s high content proportion and high productivity. Finished product has high smooth surface and no influence in after processing. Excellent demoulding performance so it is your best choice to protect the mould integrity.

Product Feature:

Excellent in lubrication and demoulding performance, resist to stick on mold.

High smooth and bright surface finish reduce water wave of product.

Convenient to clean, without influence of the spray manufacturing procedure.

High dilution ratio to save costs of materials and improve productivity.

Physical Data:

Odor: Non strong smell

Appearance: Milky white liquid

PH value: 7.0-7.2

Fezzing Point: < -20

Density: 0.98-1.01g/ml

Moulding temperature: 200~300

Refraction coefficient @201.2


SilibaseRA-4AAL Die Casting Release Agent is suitable for medium-size and general complicated aluminum alloy fittings die casting by less than 1500 tonnage force machine. Such as lampshade and other household electric appliances, motorcycle and medium-size automotive fittings.

Usage Method:

SilibaseRA-4AAL Die Casting Release Agent need to use purified water to dilute. Dilution ratio is 1:100, 1kg release agent can dilute with 100kgs pure water, cannot use underground water. If use for simple aluminum part die casting, dilution can be higher at 1: 120~150 ratio.

The dilution ratio can be adjusted according to different die casting fittings. If exceed than typical range of dilution, please contact us for technical support.

Before use, release agent should be stirred evenly after dilution.

Use spray gun or the spray automatic system, then spray evenly release agent to the mould. After drying and start Aluminum die casting.

Forbid to add other materials in the high concentrate release agent and purified water.

Storage & Shelf Life:

Storage: Die-casting release agent need to be stored in the normal temperature, pay attention to the cold and sun, need to seal up after open.

Shelf life:18 months at least from the date of manufacture.

Packing: 25Liter/barrel, 200Liter/drum

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