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SilibaseRA-5801 Waterborne Releasing Agent

SilibaseRA-5801 WaterborneReleasing Agent

Item No.: SilibaseRA-5801

Product Name:PolysiloxaneEmulsion


²  Polysiloxane emulsion

²  Nonionic emulsion

²  Low surface tension

²  Water is available as diluent.


²  Good isolation effect for rubber, plastics, glass products

²  Easy to form a layer of film, small dosage

²  Good temperature resistance, no smoke or smell

²  Physical inertia, environmental protection, free


These products have taken the advantages ofstrong hydrophobicity, large contact angle of water, excellent oxidationresistance, low surface tension, high chemical stability, non-toxic,non-irritating, no causing skin allergies, immiscibility in rubber, plastic oforganic siloxane, so that it achieves the functions of isolation, smoothnessand lubrication, making which an ideal candidate of separant in the producingprocess of plastic and rubber products.


Test Items


Specific gravity (25℃)




Viscosity(dropped -4,s)


Centrifugal stability



Note: These values are not intended for use in preparing specification.

Howto Use

First dilute the product with water, thenspray or brush onto the surface of the parts.


As for SilibaseRA-5801, dilute with water(about 5-10 times as much as the sample).


Available in 50Kg or 200Kg plastic pails.

Storageand Transport

These products are non-dangerous products,which should be stored in cool place with good ventilation conditions, intransport, avoiding from sunlight and rain is required. The shelf life is for 6months under room temperature.

MSDS is available upon request from our company or your localrepresentatives.

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