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SilibaseRA-25760 Release Agent

Product Name: HighTemperature Modified Silicone Emulsion, Aluminum Die Casting Release Agent,Release Agent

Item No.: SilibaseRA-25760


This product is designed for high-end aluminumdie-casting mold design, high temperature and has excellent lubricatingproperties. Activeingredients temperature up to 360 ℃.High-temperature smoke-free, non-carbonized, no residue. Stripping efficiency, less dosage, was theappearance of bright and clean white goods. Particularly suitable for more than500T die-casting machine.

Chemical components

Aryl, alkyl-modified silicone emulsion

Materialized data reference

Appearance: milky white liquid

Active ingredient (%): 60

PH: 6-8

Ionic: non-ionic

Application advice

Aluminum alloy die-casting, diluted to 500 to 600times the use of;

Rapid hot molding products from the mold release.Plastic products, including rigid polyurethane foam parts, epoxy casttransformers and glass fiber PVC jacket, PU products from the mold. Diluted20-30 times;

Rubber products, PU ester elastomers, mandrels includingblankets and packaging materials for rubber mats and back cushions. Dilute20-40 times;

Rubber washers lubricants;

High-grade concrete products stripping.


The risk of similar products is the mold releaseefficiency, mold contamination, after-processing performance in three areas.Optimization program for similar products comparison.

Small die-casting machine or the use of excessquality products. Ways to improve cost performance: Add polyethylene wax as acompatibilizer to reduce high temperature requirements and reduce costs. Add the ratio of the product: polyethylene wax (netcontent ratio) = 2: 1


Do not touch alcohol solvents. Be careful withother additives mixed. Freezing below the freezing point will result.

Packaging and storage

Thisproduct can be non-hazardous chemicals transport and storage. Packagingspecifications for the 25Kg, 200 Kg plastic bucket, or customized according touser requirements. Cool and dry seal storage. Shelf life of 6 months.
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