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SilibaseRA-0050 Aralkyl silicone emulsion

Product Name: Aralkyl silicone emulsion

Item No.: SilibaseRA-0050

Physical properties

Appearance: milky white uniform liquid

Specific gravity g/cm3: 0.950-0.970

PH value: 7.0 - 8.0


SilibaseRA-0050 is mainly used in the preparationof a variety of die-casting agent, can also be used directly as a die-castingagent.

SilibaseRA-0050 can also be used for thermoplasticrubber, plastic products stripping.


SilibaseRA-0050 is an alkylaryl-modifiedpolysiloxane emulsion;

SilibaseRA-0050 is easy to use with other releaseauxiliaries;

SilibaseRA-0050 is a specially modified modifiedsilicone oil emulsion;

SilibaseRA-0050 has a good stripping effect, doesnot affect the latter part of the product coating, painting, bonding orplating, recommended for the need for post-processing objects stripping;

SilibaseRA-0050 can maintain high stability underdilution and shear conditions.


SilibaseRA-0050 can be used as a rubber and plasticrelease agent when it is diluted with water at a starting ratio of 1: 100, the specific dilution factor needs to be determined according to thecomplexity of the product and the actual operation of the production site;

SilibaseRA-0050 as a die-casting agent of the mainraw materials, and other raw materials, additives need to be complex. The product after the compound is diluted accordingto the specific situation.


The product is packed in 200 kg / barrel


SilibaseRA-0050 can be stored for at least 12months in original sealed containers at 5 to 30℃. Storage for more than one time does not mean thatthe product can’t be used continuously. However, in this case, in order to ensure productquality, the need to re-check the relevant nature of the product. Keep it in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight orwinter storage.

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