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Silibase-2893C Silicone Surfactant

Wetting agent, emulsifier and foam builder in a wide variety of cosmetics and personal care products, including shampoos, skin care lotions.
No irritant to skin

Physical data:
Appearance:clear-straw liquid
Active content:100%
Viscosity at 25℃:200-1000cp
Cloud point(1%): >80℃
INCI: PEG-12 Dimethicone

Dosage (additive as supplied):
At concentrations up to 3%, it has been used for: Hair sprays, Hand lotion, Antiperspirants, Shaving aids and Shampoos.

Package and storage stability:
Available in 25 liter pail and 200 liter drums.
24 months in closed containers

Other Names:
Silicone Surfactant for personal Care, Silicone for Personal Care, Silicone Agent for Hair sprays, Silicone for Hand lotion, Silicon for Antiperspirants, Silicon Agent for Shaving aids and Shampoos, Silicone Surfactant for Pet, Animal Shampoos, Surfactant for Personal Care.

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