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Silibase-3822 Amino-modified Silicone Oil

Technical data sheets
Silibase-3822 Amino-modified Silicone Oil
is a kind of amino modified polysiloxane with double amine in land chain, the formula follows: R1(CH3)2SiO[(CH3)2SiO]m[(R2)(CH3)SiO]nSi(CH3)2R1, of which R1 is methyl or hydroxy, R2 is amino alkyl with primary amine or secondary amine.

Product Name: Amino-modified Silicone Oil

Item No.: Silibase-3822

Equivalent Product: DC-8209

Typical Physical Properties:


Light yellow transparent liquid



Amino value(mol kg>=)


Specific Gravity(25℃)


PH Value


Keep away from strong acid or alkali materials, stored in ventilated, cool and dry places at room temperature of 4~35℃.

Usage & Dosage:
When applied in hair shampoo, the amino silicone oil shall be emulsified by nonionic or amphion surfactant and then be added into hair shampoo, hair conditioner, nutrition hair oil, mousse, etc. according to the solid content standard of 0.5~1%. As the emulsified silicone emulsion, Silibase-3822 amino silicone oil emulsion can be directly used.

When applied to soften the textiles, such as cotton, wool, hemp and silk, it shall be emulsified firstly; then add the amino silicone emulsion to the softening emulsion and mix up; then it can be used to soften the textile. The dosage is decided according to the softened textile and technical requirement. Generally, it is 0.3~1% (solid content) of the water.

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