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Silibase-5812 Non-oily Silicone Oil


     Long-chain alkyl modified polysiloxane
     Medium-molecular polymer
     Low friction


     Good lubricated properties, available in printing demolding
     Gloss the product surface
     Good compatibility with organic materials.


Silibase-5812 is a new type of modified polysiloxane that applies special formula and technics, which has the benefits of high and low temperature resistance, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-sticking and excellent lubricated performance. Silibase-5812 has very good compatibility with many organics, which endows the product with repaintable properties. Consequently, it can take the place of simethicone that with the most frequently use, making which an ideal candidate of silicone releasing agent. It has the common name as "drying silicone oil", but it is also called "non-oily silicone oil".

Technical Data

Test Items





Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid

Refraction index (25℃)




Specific gravity (25℃)




Viscosity (CS ,25℃)




Note: These values are not intended for use in preparing specification.

Application: Apply to mold-releasing and lubrication for plastic and rubber products.

How to Use :
Silibase-5812 is dissolved in solvent gasoline, naphtha, benzene etc.; propane, butane or dimethyl ether are available as propellants, when produced as aerosol, it can conduct as the releasing agent for plastic or rubber parts. In order to adapt to environmental protection and labor safety requirements, the product can be emulsified for other use. What is more, Silibase-5812 can be mixed with various lubricating oil so that it improves the product lubricated function.

Recommended Dosage: The recommended dosage is 0.01-0.1%.

Package: Available in 20kg plastic pails or 180Kg irony pails, samples are available upon request in bottles.

Storage and Transport:
Silibase-5812 is a non-dangerous product, in storage and transport, do keep the product away from moisture, acid/alkali and other impurities. The shelf life is for 1 year.

MSDS is available upon request from our company or your local representative.

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