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Silibase-2839 Silicone Surfactant

Silibase-2839 Silicone Surfactant is a stable copolymer of a polydimethylsiloxane and a polyoxyalkylene ether. It is soluble in cold water, but exhibits inverse solubility above 48°C (118°F). Silibase-2839 Silicone Surfactant is also soluble in acetone, toluene, lower alcohols and some hydrocarbons.

Physical data:
Appearance:clear-straw liquid
Active content:100%
Refractive index at 25℃:1.445-1.450
Viscosity at 25℃:500-3000cp
Cloud point(1%): 45-50℃

Key Performance and Properties:
Water soluble below 48°C, useful in cold and warm water formulations.
Excellent leveling and surfactant characteristics, which are important in finishes for paints and coatings.
Good lubricating and release characteristics, which provide molding production efficiency.

Silibase-2839 Silicone Surfactant has been found useful in textiles, personal care products and paints, in concentrations ranging from 0.05 to 3%. Typical applications are as follows:
In Textiles
At concentrations up to 2%, it has been used for:
(a) Fiber lube
(b) Thread lube
(c) Hot system defoaming
· Jet dye
· Dye beck
(d) Antistat
(e) Softener
In Personal Care Products
At concentrations up to 3%, it has been used for:
(a) Hair sprays
(b) Hand lotion
(c) Antiperspirants
(d) Shaving aids
(e) Shampoos
In Paint
At concentrations up to 0.5%, it has been used to:
(a) Minimize cratering and fish-eyes in waterborne coatings.
(b) Improve flow control in organic coatings.
(c) Increase mar resistance and slip of cured coatings.
For Release
At concentrations up to 5%, it has been used for:
(a) Plastic mold release
(b) Paintable mold release
(c) Rubber lubricant

Package and storage stability:
Available in 25 liter pail and 200 liter drums.
24 months in closed containers.

Other Names:
Silicone Surfactant for personal Care, Silicone for Personal Care, Silicone Agent for Hair sprays, Silicone for Hand lotion, Silicon for Antiperspirants, Silicon Agent for Shaving aids and Shampoos, Silicone Surfactant for Pet, Animal Shampoos, Surfactant for Personal Care.

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