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Silibase-2852 Skin & Hair care silicone oil

Technical data sheets
Silibase-2852 skin and hair care silicone oil is a mixed product of Polydimethylsiloxane Gum dispersed in volatile cyclomethicones and low viscosity PDMS, with colorlessness, odorlessness and non-toxicity. The products has a high affinity with the skin and hair and can form a soft protective film. For it has containing volatility, the product can be added into the formulations and provide velvety and silky feel. The products is ideal material for the hair care products.

Products Name: Skin & Hair care silicone oil

Item No.: Silibase-2852

Equivalent Product: DC-1401

Chemical Name: Dimethicone & Cyclomethicone

CAS No: 69430-24-6 & 63148-62-9

Velvety and silky feel
Providing the best glossing and feeling properties
Forming a soft silicone protective film

Typical Physical Properties:




Colorless transparent thick fluid



Specific Gravity(25℃)


Refractive index(25℃)


Flash poiint                         


Storage and Shelf life:
Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.
2years when properly stored.

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