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Silibase-18007 Methylphenyl Silicon Resin

Item No.: Silibase-18007

Silibase-18007 Methylphenyl Silicon Resin

Other Description: 

1. Main Composition
Methylpolysilicone resin

2. Typical Physical Properties




Light yellow or red brown liquid, opalescence is permitted, no mechanical impurity

Solid Content (150℃, 2h, %)      


Viscosity (25℃,S) 


Drying Time (200℃, Copper Sheet, h) 


Heat Resistance (200℃, h)


Mass Loss (400℃, 3h, %)  


Electrical Breakdown Strength



High Temperature (200±2℃)


Become Damp (20±5℃, Relative Humidity 95±3%, after 24h)


Volume Resistivity  (Ω·cm)

Normal (20±5℃)


High Temperature(200±2℃)


Become Damp (20±5℃, Relative Humidity 95, after 24h)


3. Performance and use
Silibase-18007 Methylphenyl Silicon Resin has fine high temperature resistance, electrical insulation and moisture proof property. Silibase-18007 Methylphenyl Silicon Resin is appropriate for the use of wire dipping and high temperature resistant paint for H level engine, transformer coil, transistor seal and H level glass fiber.

4. Packing & Storage & Transportation
Silibase-18007 Methylphenyl Silicon Resin should be stored in dry and clean 200kg iron drum and seal-packing under 35℃, without direct sunlight and be away from heat. Silibase-18007 Methylphenyl Silicon Resin should be transported as inflammable.

Above text instructions, suggestions and data are from our sincerity but real environment for the use of this product are beyond the control by our Silibase Silicone Company. So before using Silibase-18007  Methyl Silicone Resin, users have the responsibility to be tested to determine whether it meets your requirements and find out the optimum dosage.

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