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Silibase-6774A Silicone resin

Product Name: Silicone resin

Item No.: Silibase-6774A


Characteristics and uses:

This product is a low molecular weight containing methoxyreactive silicone intermediates, and active hydroxyl containing functionalgroup of organic resin reaction. It is a (polyester) modified silicone resin,the product can maintain color and luster, to prevent powder, crack and fade has good weather resistance and heat resistance, relativelyunmodified (polyester) resin is more temperature.


Main Specifications:

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Solid content: 100%

Density: 1.10-1.16

Viscosity (25 ℃): 90-200cP



Transportation Storage Precautions:

Transport process to ensure that the container doesnot leak, do not collapse, do not fall, do not wreck. Do not mix with oxidantsand edible chemicals. Anti-exposure, rain, high temperature.



Plastic drum, net weight 200kg, according tocustomer requirements.

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