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Silibase-98501 High-temperature Resistant Organic Silicon Resin

Item No.: Silibase-98501

Silibase-98501 High-temperature Resistant Organic Silicon Resin

Other Description: 

1. Main composition
Methylpolysilicone resin

2. Countertype Product: Japanese TSR-127 resin.

3. Typical Physical Properties

AppreranceColorless or light yellow liquid,
no mechanical impurity
PH Range6~7 
Silicon Resin Content≥98% 
Refractive index (20℃)1.40±0.02 
Gel Time (min/250℃)15~90Gel time can be adjusted according
to customers'demands
Electrical propertyPaint film Breakdown
Strength >97KV/mm
Storage periodOver half a year 

4. Performance and use
Silibase-98501 High-temperature Resistant Organic Silicon Resin is a cross-linked resin with light elasticity and toughness after solidifying and cross-link of polysiloxane that takes silicon-oxygen bond as backbone. Silibase-98501 High-temperature Resistant Organic Silicon Resin is a superior high temperature resistant and insulating material and has good insulativity, waterproof, flame retardant and anti-corrosion properties. The product ranks among domestic advanced level and is widely used in industries of space navigation, domestic appliance, electric, electrical machine, chemical and insulating material.

5. Packing, Storage and Transportation
The product is packed in plastic drum (50kg/drum) and should be stored in ventilated and dry place, without direct sunlight. This is the non-dangerous material.
Above mentioned explanation, suggestion and data are true. However please do experiment before taking use of the product because of the operating environment is out of our control.

Above text instructions, suggestions and data are from our sincerity but real environment for the use of this product are beyond the control by our Silibase Silicone Company. So before using Silibase-98501 High-temperature Resistant Organic Silicon Resin, users have the responsibility to be tested to determine whether it meets your requirements and find out the optimum dosage.

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