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Silibase-K840 One-part Silicone Resin

Product Name: SiliconeResin

Item No.: Silibase-K840



One-part silicone resin

Curing at room or low temperature

Small and medium sized molecular polymer

Network structure polymer (after curing)



High temperature resistant, corrosion resistant

Excellent properties of waterproof and insulation

Good permeability, anti-scratching and anti-tearing (after forming film)



Silibase-K840 is one-part high temperature resistantsilicone coating that can be curing at room temperature. The coating has goodadvantages of high hardness, fine transparency, temperature resistance,anti-aging and excellent insulation, making the product an ideal agent forsurface treatment.


Technical Data

Appearance: Blue translucent liquid

Specific gravity (25℃): 0.890~0.920

Viscosity (s, 25℃): 11~14

pH: 4~7

Actives content (%):17~21

Centrifugal stability (ml, 2500rpm x15min): micro-stratified

Note: These values are not intended for use in preparingspecification.



Miscible with most organic solvents, as well aswater-alcohol mixing system.



Surface treatment of high temperature materials,metal coatings, stone, wood, lighting, clocks, paper, artifacts and monumentprotection.


How to Use

Remove the dust and oil spots on the surface then rinsewith water or alcohol.

Brushing, dip-coating, transfer coating andspraying are available in construction.

The pail should be covered as soon as you takingout the materials, the remained materials cannot be poured back to thecontainer.

Alcohol and the mixture of alcohol and water (1:1)are available as diluents.


Recommended Dosage

Please make sure a reasonable amount of usage by atest before using.



Silibase-K840 is supplied in 20Kg, 50Kg or 160Kgplastic pails.


Storage and Transport

Silibase-K840 is a flammable product which can betransported as the certain flammable product. Avoiding exposure in sun and rainand keeping from heat or fire resources are required. Before the productrunning out, the container should be sealed up tightly after every time use.The shelf life is for 6 months.

MSDS isavailable upon request from our company or your local representative.

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