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Silicone Surfactant

What is Silicone Surfactant?

Silicone Surfactant, this spray adjuvant isa super spreading Agent made of polyether modified trisiloxane.


Key Features and Typical Benefits ofSilicone Surfactant

Reduces amount of spray pesticides

Super spreading and penetrating of sprayagricultural chemicals

Promotes rapid uptake of agrochemicals(rain fastness)

Improves application reliability

Improves spray coverage

Nonionic, making it useful with a broadrange of agrochemical formulations

Accord with environmental protection,reduces environmental pollution caused by pesticides

Reduces the Residues of Pesticides

Improves product’s quality

Reduces the water consumption at least 50%

Easy to use, wide usage, small consumption


Physical Properties of Silicone Surfactant

Active Content percent: 100%

Appearance: Clear, little yellow liquid

Cloud Point (0.1 wt%) : <10℃

Specific Gravity (25℃): 1.02±0.03g/ml

HLB value (hydrophilic lipophilic balance):5~8

Refractive index at 25°C: 1.440-1.450

Freezing point: <2℃

Viscosity at 25°C (77°F): 20-60 cSt

Surface tension (0.1% aq.): 20-22mN/m


Applications of Silicone Surfactant

Silicone Surfactant is a type of lowviscosity silicone polyether copolymer liquid used to enhance the performanceof wetting, spreading and penetration of agricultural chemicals. SiliconeSurfactant may be used as a formulation ingredient in water-soluble broadleafherbicides and insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators, or as atank-mix adjuvant for foliar-applied chemicals. Silicone Surfactant can add tothe biological pesticide spray mixture liquid such as pesticide, bactericide,herbicide, foliar fertilizer, plant growth regulator, etc, especially appliedfor systemic pharmacy.

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