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Silibase-8950 Soft foam auxiliaries

GeneralName: Soft foam auxiliaries

Item No.: Silibase-8950


This product is asilicon-carbon structure of non-hydrolyzable silicone surfactant, suitable forthe production of high-density flame retardant requirements of the flexible polyurethanefoam.



l  Can improve the flame retardant effect of the foam, or in the case of thesame flame retardant effect of reducing the amount of flame retardants. In asuitable formulation, the foam produced can meet the BS5852 standard.

Excellent uniform bubble effect, the production ofproducts foam dense, uniform.

The density of the produced product is small.

The tin catalyst operates with good tolerabilityand the foam produced has excellent air permeability.

Suitable for all kinds of traditional foamequipment.


Typical physical properties:




Transparent liquid

Density @ 25℃

1.03 g/cm3

Viscosity @ 25 ℃

500-800 cst




Usage, dosage, packaging specifications andexpiration date:

Amount of 0.5%-1%;

25kg/ Plastic barrels、200kg/ drums;

At room temperature, theproduct is valid for 2 years.


Validity and storage

The original packaging, the shelf life of 12months, more than 12 months, such as testing can continue to use qualified.

This product should be stored in a cool dry place,away from fire, heat.

This product will become turbid at low temperature,or even solidification. Does not affect performance and use. Heated to about 30℃ to restore transparency.



Net weight 210kg iron drum.

1000kg plastic drum.

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