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The Basic Structure of Organic Silicone Resin

Apr 19, 2024

Organic resin modified silicone resin is composed of two parts: polysiloxane and organic polymer. In addition to possessing the characteristics of pure silicone resin, it also possesses the characteristics endowed by organic resin. Although the above performance is slightly weakened compared to pure silicone resin, it is superior to silicone resin in terms of curing, adhesion, solvent resistance, and compatibility.Moreover, the performance of modified silicone resin can be adjusted according to the type, content, and modification method of the used silane and organic polymer. Compared with other polymer materials, the most outstanding performance of silicone products is their excellent temperature resistance, dielectric properties, weather resistance, physiological inertness, and low surface tension.

The basic structural unit (i.e. main chain) of organic silicone resin is composed of silicon oxygen links, and the side chains are connected to various other organic groups through silicon atoms, forming a highly cross-linked network structure of polyorganosilicon oxygen.Therefore, the structure of organic silicone resin contains both "organic groups" and "inorganic structures". This special composition and molecular structure combine the characteristics of organic matter with the functions of inorganic matter. Compared with general organic resins, it has many unique properties such as excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, climate aging, electrical insulation, ozone resistance, flame retardant, non-toxic and non corrosive, physiological inertness, hydrophobicity, and resistance to chemical reagents. Some varieties also have oil resistance, solvent resistance, and radiation resistance.

Trifunctional or tetrafunctional monomers are essential components in typical condensed silicone resins. However, the appropriate R/Si and phenyl content depends on the use of the resin, that is, the monomer and its combination need to be determined based on performance and use.

The performance of methylphenyl silicone resin mainly depends on the ratio of the organic number connected to the silicon atoms to the number of silicon atoms (CR/Si, R=Me and Ph), as well as the ratio of methyl to phenyl (Me/Ph), which is one of the main indicators for controlling the quality of silicone resin. The dryness, paint film hardness, softness, thermal weight loss, and heat cracking resistance of organic silicone resin are all related to the R-center.Generally, methylphenyl silicone resin is selectively composed of chains such as MeSi01. s, Me centered O, MePhSiO, PhSi01. s, and Ph centered 0. When R/Si=1, it represents that on average, only one organic group is connected to each silicon atom, which is formed by the hydrolysis condensation reaction of three functional organic silicon monomers (i.e., composed of MeSIO15 chains); If R/Si=2, it means that each silicon atom is connected to two organic groups on average. It is formed by the hydrolysis and condensation reaction of organic silicon monomers with two functional groups (i.e. composed of SiO chains), and is a linear polysiloxane;

R/S! Between 1-2, it is composed of two mixed chain links formed by the co hydrolysis condensation reaction of trifunctional and bifunctional organosilicon monomers. The R-center of linear silicone oil is slightly greater than 2; The R/Si of silicone rubber is close to 2; And the R/Si of silicone resin is smaller than 2, and more than 1 0~1 Between 7. The smaller the R/Si value, the better the dryness of the silicone resin (which can cure at lower temperatures), the smaller the thermal weight loss, the harder the paint film, but the lower its softness, and the more brittle the paint film becomes; The higher the R/Si value, the longer the curing time of the silicone resin needs to be baked at high temperatures of 200-250 ° C. The hardness of the paint film is poor, but the thermal elasticity is much better than the former.

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