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Feel agent, anti-graffiti additives SilibaseCP-117W

Product Name: Feel agent, anti-graffiti additives

Item No.: SilibaseCP-117W

Chemical Name: Polydimethylsiloxane emulsion



   Excellent feel

   Anti-adhesion effect

   Anti-graffiti effect

   Water soluble

   Physical Data:

   Appearance 25 ℃: milky whiteviscous liquid

   Active Ingredient (%): 70

   Typical applications:

   As a water-based latex paint sensitizer, oranti-graffiti additives use.

   As the use of water-based paint feel.


   SilibaseCP-117W can be used as it is, or dilutedbefore adding.

   It can be dissolved in aqueous systems.

Security Information:

This information does not include the safetyinformation required for the safe use of this product. Before operating, read the product and its safetydata sheets and container labels for information on the safe use of theproduct, the physical, environmental and health hazards.

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