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Feel agent, anti-graffiti additives SilibaseCP-0510

Product Name: Feel agent, anti-graffiti additives

Item No.: SilibaseCP-0510

Chemical Name: Dihydroxyalkylpolymethylsiloxane


   SilibaseCP-0510 is a linear organofunctionalpolysiloxane which can be

   used as an active ingredient in a suitable polymerdue to the presence

   of terminal primary hydroxyl groups.

   Physical Data:

   Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

   Active Ingredient (%): 100

   Viscosity 25℃ (cst): 30-90

   Hydroxyl value: 119

   Typical applications:

   Resistant marker, anti-graffiti effect, used in themanufacture of solvent-based

   anti-graffiti coating modifiedpolydimethylsiloxane, with additional peelable

   effect. Compatibility witharomatic hydrocarbons is limited and can be diluted

   with esters, ketones andalcohols.

   Recommended usage:

   According to the mass ratio of 1.0-3.0%

Packing specifications and expiry date:

25kg plastic drum.

Sealed storage, storage at room temperature for 12months, contact with tin (such as metal containers) will shorten storagestability.

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