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Dimethyl Silicone Fluid Silibase-DM60000

Item No.: Silibase-DM 60,000

INCI Name:Dimethyl Silicone Fluid


Dimethcone 60000cst, it is with low surfacetension and could flow and spread easily. It could help improve dry and webcombing in hair care products.





Clear viscous, colorless liquid

Viscosity @25℃

57,000-63,000 mm2/s

RefractiveIndex @25℃


SpecificGravity @25℃

0.960-0.990 g/cm3


No abnormal odor

Flash point


Volatile(150 oC,3h)%



Keep Silibase-DM60000 in sealed containers and keep away from heat and spark.The delivery and handling temperature should be 10 degree lower than flashpoint. The shelf life of Silibase-DM60000is two years when stored in original un-opened containers at 25℃. The shelf life could be extended after qualified by re-analysis ifexpired.


This product is available in 200kg drums.Please contact us if you have other packaging requirements.

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