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Dimethyl Silicone Fluid Silibase-DM350

Item No.: Silibase-DM350

INCI Name:Dimethyl Silicone Fluid


Dimethicone 350/500/1000cst, it is with lowsurface tension and could flow and spread easily. It could help decrease whitebead when rub lotion or cream on skin.





Clear viscous, colorless liquid

Viscosity @25℃

Based on specific product

RefractiveIndex @25℃

Based on specific product

SpecificGravity @25℃

Based on specific product


No abnormal odor

Boiling point


Flash point


Volatile(150 oC,3h)%

Based on specific product


Keep Silibase-DM350/500/1000 in sealed containers and keep away from heat andspark. The delivery and handling temperature should be 10 degree lower than flashpoint. The shelf life of Silibase-DM350/500/1000is 2 years when stored in original un-opened containers at 25℃. The shelf life could be extended after qualified by re-analysis ifexpired.


This product is available in 190kg drums.Please contact us if you have other packaging requirements.

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