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Anti - sticking agent, emulsifier SilibaseCP-7230

Product Name: Anti - sticking agent, emulsifier

Item No.: SilibaseCP-7230

Chemical Name: Modified polydimethylsiloxane




   Anti-adhesion effect

   Water soluble silicone oil

   Physical Data:

   Appearance 25℃: yellowtransparent liquid

   Active Ingredient (%): 100

   Viscosity 25℃ (cp): 1000-4000

   Storage and Application:

   The product should be stored in unopened originalcontainers between (-50℃)        and 50 ℃

   Productsare non-hazardous chemicals, transported by ordinary chemicals.

   Use restrictions:

   This product has not been tested and is notexpressly applicable to medical or          pharmaceutical applications. Not for humaninjection. Can’t be used for food.

Safety information:

This information does not include the safetyinformation required for the safe use of this product. Before operation, please read the product and itssafety data sheets and container labels for information on the safe use of theproduct, the physical, environmental and health hazards.

Special statement:

SILIBASE SILICONE expressly disclaims any expressor implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

SILIBASE SILICONE is not responsible for anyindirect or consequential damages.

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