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Foam stabilizers SilibaseCP-6900

Generalname:Foam stabilizers

Item No.: SilibaseCP-6900

ChemicalName: Polyether modified polydimethylsiloxane


   SilibaseCP-6900 has a unique molecular structure design, and thus have very 

   excellentemulsification, a nuclear capability and ability to stabilize the foam. 

   Makemobility more desirable foam material, to ensure uniform distribution 

   of thedensity of the molded product, and allows the distribution of cell foams 

   havean extremely fine and narrow aperture.

   Physical Data:

   Appearance: Paleyellow transparent liquid.

   Viscosity 25℃(cst):500-1000

   Active content(%):100

   Refractive index25℃):1.448-1.458

   Usage, dosage, packaging specifications andexpiration date:

   Amount of 1%-2%;

   25kg/Plastic barrels、200kg/drums;

   Atroom temperature, the product is valid for 2 years.

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