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Silicone Oil Silibase-28540

Product Name: Silicone Oil

Item No.: Silibase-28540

Chemical name: Modified polydimethylsiloxane


Organo-functional linear polysiloxane, has terminal primary hydroxyl groups, can be used as an active ingredient in a suitable polymer.

Physicochemical data:

  • Appearance:Pale yellow transparent liquid
  • Active content(%):100
  • Viscosity 25℃(cst):30-90
  • Refractive index(25℃):1.400-1.410

Typical application

Resistance marker, the effect of anti-graffiti, modified for the manufacture of solvent-based anti-graffiti coating polydimethylsiloxane, having a peelable additional effect. Limited compatibility with aromatic hydrocarbons, can be diluted with esters, ketones and alcohols.

Usage, dosage, packaging specifications and expiration date:

  • Amount of 0.1%-1%;
  • 25kg/ Plastic barrels、200kg/ drums;
  • At room temperature, the product is valid for 2 years.
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