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Silibase-4829 Penetrant for Agricultural Applications

Product Name: Penetrant for Agricultural Applications
Item No.: Silibase-4829
Countertype Product: Silwet HS-429
CAS NO.: Confidential

    Key Features and Typical Benefits:
         • Provides effective penetration of glyphosates through the leaf cuticles
         • Enhances efficacy of glyphosates
         • Up to 10 times lower use rates than TAE surfactant adjuvants
         • Excellent clarity and phase stability
         • Stability with glyphosate formulations in the 4-9 PH range

    Typical Techincal Properties:
    Item No.: Silibase-4829
    Product Name: Silicone Penetrant
    Application: Spray Adjuvant for Agricultural
    Active Content percent: 100%
    Appearance: Clear, little yellow liquid
    PH Stability: 4-9
    Cloud Point (0.1 wt%) : >100℃
    Active Content percent: 100%
    Specific Gravity: 1.0
    Refractive index at 25℃: 1.475
    Viscosity at 25℃: 155
    Surface T ension (0.1% aq.): 32-40

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