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Silibase-2886 Spray Adjuvant

Product Name: Silicone Surfactant / Spray Adjuvant
Item No.: Silibase-2886
Countertype Product: Silwet 806
CAS NO.: 134180-76-0


    Key Features and Typical Benefits:

         • Nonionic
         • Superspreader for soluble liquid and emulsable concentrate formulations
         • Very low surface energy.
         • Rapid spreading and wetting.
         • Improve spray coverage
         • Super spreading and penetrating of spray agricultural chemicals
         • Promotes rapid uptake of agrochemicals(rain fastness)
         • Accord with enviromental protection,reduces enviromental pollution caused               by pesticides
         • Reduces the residues of pesticides

    Typical properties:

    Appearance: Clear, little yellow liquid
    Refractive index at 25°C: 1.440-1.450
    Viscosity at 25°C (77°F): 30-50 cs
    Active Content percent: 100%
    Surface tension(0.1% aq.):21.5 mN/m


It is a type of low viscosity silicone polyether copolymer liquid     used to enhance the performance of wetting, spreading and   penetration of agricultural chemicals. It may be used as a formulation ingredient in water-soluble broadleaf herbicides and insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators, or as a tank-mix adjuvant for foliar-applied chemicals.

Silibase-2886 Silicone Surfactant reduces the surface tension of aqueous agricultural mixtures significantly lower than is achievable with conventional nonionic surfactants. At concentrations as low as 0.01 percent, Silibase-2886 Silicone Surfactant reduces surface tension below 23 dynes/cm, which produces very rapid wetting and spreading on hard-to-wet surfaces such as waxy leaves. Thus, complete coverage can be achieved with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other agricultural chemicals.

In addition to the rapid wetting and spreading, Silibase-2886 Silicone Surfactant also greatly increases the uptake of chemicals into plant tissues. Adding Silibase-2886 Silicone Surfactant to a herbicide tank-mix may significantly enhance its efficacy, particularly in the control of broadleaf weeds with water-soluble herbicides. The rapid uptake produces "rainfastness"; i.e., herbicides are not washed off by rainfall because they have penetrated into the plant surface.

HOW to Use in Agricultural Chemical Formulations:
Silibase-2886 Silicone Surfactant may be used as an ingredient in formulations, provided all the ingredients are compatible. Silibase-2886 Silicone Surfactant is stable in neutral aqueous formulations (pH=6.5-7.5), but will degrade rapidly in acidic or alkaline formulations. New product formulations should be thoroughly tested for performance and shelf stability before entering market.

As an Agricultural Chemical Tank-Mix Adjuvant:
Silibase-2886 Silicone Surfactant may be added to tank-mixes to enhance the biological performance of the spray solution.


Typical use rate

Plant growth regulators








Fertilizer and micronutrients



Use the additive according to manufacturers' label recommendation.

Usable Life and Storage:
When stored below 40°C (104°F), Silibase-2886 Silicone Surfactant has a shelf life of 36 months from date of manufacture.

Silibase-2886 Silicone Surfactant is available in 25-kg pails, 200-kg drums and 1000-kg tote-bins. But also we can do according to your special requirement.

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