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Silibase-205-Silicone Defoamer for oily system

Application industry: oily system

 I. features :

By mineral oil, white carbon black, special of synergistic agent and dispersant, at lower concentrations can keep good foam suppression effect, suit to eliminate styrene acrylic, pure propylene, ethylene propylene, polyvinyl acetate, butyl benzene latex and natural latex foam stability storage period effect.

 II. Technical indicators:     
 Appearance: yellow to light brown translucent oily liquid    Content: 100%
Stability (2000 r / 20 minutes) : no delamination, no precipitation (layered) allow stored for a long period
PH:5.0--7.0          Defoaming sex: >15S
viscosity(mpa.s,25℃):After mixing can be well dispersed in the materials used
III.Product introduction: This product is a kind of composite defoaming agent, due to the defoaming components contain a variety of high quality, and thus widely applicable, it is particularly suited to eliminate styrene acrylic, pure propylene, ethylene propylene, polyvinyl acetate, butyl benzene latex, oily ink, oily coating, petrochemical, oil, oil refining process, tar, cutting oil, asphalt, defoaming, are fast defoaming, fast drying speed, less dosage, good auxiliary film-forming performance advantages, not block ultrafiltration membrane, won't produce fisheye, shrinkage cavity and other adverse consequences.

IV. Method of use:

Silibase-205Series of antifoaming agent is composed of a variety of material, storage life may appear statified or a little precipitation, it belongs to the normal phenomenon. Suggest user stir well before use, does not affect the use effect.
This series water defoamer can't, can be added directly into the sparkling medium, layered may arise if the diluted, the decline in efficiency inhibit, eventually lead to the cost increase.
This product has strong inhibition performance, therefore, can be used as antimicrobial components added to the products, recommended to join the amount of 0.1-0.5% of the total formula, the best dosage of users through the field test.
V.  Packaging stored:  
This article adopts the 25 kg, 50 kg within 200 kg plastic drum or plastic coated iron drum packaging, can also according to customer requirements packaging. This product should be kept in drying gloomy and cold place, may not be in the sunlight or near the heat source. Shelf life is 12 months since the date of production.

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