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High temperature resistant silicone oil Silibase-9256

ItemNo.: Silibase-9256

ProductName: Hightemperature resistant silicone oil (aryl alkyl modified polysiloxane)

Product alias:

High temperature resistant silicone oil

High temperature heat conduction oil

High temperature lubricating oil

High temperature release agent

High temperature resistant atomization silicone oil 

Structure or component:

Aryl alkyl modified polysiloxane, high temperatureresistant modified silicone oil

Performance characteristics:

This product is odorless.

It is high temperatureresistant, excellent lubrication performance, high temperatureresistant up to 360 degrees

It can work in 300℃ and 24 hours as a release agent in  chemical fiberplant of synthetic fiber spinneret and spinning plates clean plate.Silicone oil or phenyl silicone oil can’t meet this requirement.

This product can also be used as hightemperature heat conduction oil.

Physicaland chemical data and index:

Appearance: light yellow to colorless transparentliquid

Effective composition (%): 100

Viscosity: 200±40C.S.T (or according to the customer request 200 ~1000c.s.t)

Temperature resistance: 360 ℃


Release agent for synthetic fiber spinneret, 

High temperature resistant atomization silicone oil in chemicalfiber plant of spinneret plate;

Heat conduction oil;

Release agent in hightemperature and lubrication situation, such astire forming mold and engineering plastic forming.

Package: 50Kg plasticbarrel or customized according to user requirements.

Storage and transport: 0 ~ 40 ℃ sealed storage, high temperature and freezing shouldbe  avoid.

Shelf life: 12months.

Safety: Thisproduct is a non-dangerous goods.

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