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High temperature release agent Silibase-285715

Product Type:Silibase-285715
Product Name:High temperature release agent
Structure or component:Heat-modified silicone aqueous emulsion
This product is high stripping efficiency, with less good emulsion stability
Prolapse of the product can be on the coatings, paints and gilded;
The oil phase can withstand mold temperatures
(smoking, ingredients are not destroyed, not to be carbonized, no residue on the mold)
Physical and chemical data and indicators:
·Appearance: milky white liquid
·Active ingredient (%): 15
·pH: 7
·Thinner: Water
·Metal casting release agent, such as aluminum die-casting mold release, can be diluted
  to use 100 to 150 times;
·Manufacture of plastic products: including rigid polyurethane foam pieces, epoxy cast
 transformers and glass fiber PVC jacket;
·Manufacture of rubber products, including blankets and spindle packaging materials used
 in rubber mats and a scapegoat;
·Rubber gasket lubricant;
·Latex lathe release agent;
·Plywood stack release thereof;
·It can be used for a variety of needs stripping rapid thermal molding products.
The product packaging specifications 50Kg plastic drum or according to user requirements.
Storage and transportation:
0 ~ 40 ℃ sealed storage, transportation, storage should avoid heat and freezing, the shelf life
of six months.
The strains of non-dangerous goods.
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