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Leveling agent, anti-blocking agent SilibaseCP-3667

Product Name: Leveling agent, anti-blocking agent

Item No.: SilibaseCP-3667

Chemical Name: Polyether modified polydimethylsiloxane


   SilibaseCP-3667 has two primary hydroxyl groupswhich can react with 

   isocyanates. For water-based or oily system to provide agood leveling, 

   while providing feel and anti-adhesion effect.

   Physical Data:

   Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid

   Active Ingredient (%): 100

   Viscosity 25℃ (cst): 200~600

   Refractive index (25 ℃): 1.435-1.445

   Typical applications:

   Suitable for waterborne and oily polyurethanesystems.

   Use method, addition amount, packing specificationand validity period:

   Similar to DC3667 performance, can be used instead.The addition amount is 

   0.1% -1.0%.

   Conventional packaging with 25kg / plastic drum,200kg / drum; room 

   temperature, the product is valid for 2 years.

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