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Dimethylcyclosiloxane Mixture (DMC)

Product Name: Dimethylcyclosiloxane Mixture (DMC)
Product Code:Silibase-0821
Molecular Formula:[(CH3) 2SiO]n, n=3,4,5       

Technical Data:
                      colorless clear liquid
content of DMC:                  ≥99.50%
content of MM:                   ≤0.01%
colority / Hazen unit Pt-Co scale: ≤10
acidity (expressed as HCl):       ≤0.001%  
refractive index (ηD 20) :         1.396 – 1.397
density(ρ20,g/cm3):              0.95±0.02
boiling point:                    ≥135℃
PH value:                        neutral

UN No.:            1993
Dangerous Rating:                3
Package Class:                    III
Package:PTFE lined iron drum or plastic drum,net weight 190Kg.
Ship according to regulations for dangerous chemical products.
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