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Coupling Agent Silibase-6792

Item No.: Silibase-6792
Product Name: Coupling Agent, Silane Coupling Agent
The Corresponding Trademark: A-1120, Z-6020, KBM-603, DAMO
CAS NO.: 1760-24-3
EINECS: 217-164-6
Chemical Name: N-[3-(Trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ethylenediamine
Molecular Formula: C8H22N2O3Si
Structural Formula:

Molecular Weight: 222.4

Physical Properties
Physical Form :
Transparent liquid
Color: Yellow
Specific Gravity at 25/25℃: 1.03
Boiling Point, ℃: 261
Refractive Index, nD 25℃: 1.4425-1.4445
Flash Point, Pensky-Martens Closed Cup (1), ℃: 136

1. N-[3-(Trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ethylenediamine (CAS NO.1760-24-3) is mainly used to couple organic polymer and
inorganic materials in order to improve the mechanical properties, electrical properties, water resistance, aging
resistance, etc.
2. This product can improve the performance of the resin laminate of the epoxy, phenolic, melamine, furan, etc.
It is also effective to polypropylene, polyethylene, polypropylene of vinegar, silicone, polyamide, polycarbonate
and polyvinyl cyanide.
3. N-[3-(Trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ethylenediamine is also used as glass fiber finishing agents in glass beads,
white carbon, talc, mica, clay, fly ash and other silicon-containing materials. It can be used as adhesion-promoting
agent, surface modifying agent and dispersing agent. It is largely used to increase the binding force and compatibility
of the inorganic mineral powder material and fibers to polymer (resin). This product can also improve the substrate
adhesion and water resistance properties of the resin coating to inorganic material. It is also suitable for engineering
plastic rubber materials modification, such as paint, ink, etc.

Packaging and Storage:
N-[3-(Trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ethylenediamine is packed in 25KG/200KG drum, IBC tank or ISO tank. It is sealed and
stored in cool and well ventilated place away from fire and water.

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