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What is silicone flow

Jan 14, 2014

A silicon thermal flow sensor will be described. It consists of a heater and two sensing probes placed symmetrically to the heater, one upstream and one downstream. All sensor elements are platinum thin films placed on one silicon nitride membrane for thermal insulation from the surrounding. Using modulation techniques, the sensor behaviour can be improved.

A faster response to temperature changes, an elimination of slow transient phenomena, and the insensitivity to changes in medium temperature are its advantages. The same sensor can be used for velocity measurements of gases and water. With a simple one-dimensional model, the sensor behaviour in gases and water can be estimated in relation to each other.

Silicone Leveling Agent is one silicone additive which is able to reduce the surface tension under dynamic and static conditions, which is a requirement to obtain an optimal wetting and leveling effect. It provides strong slip, scratch resistance and anti-blocking,own excellent substrate wetting, leveling and anti-crater performance,used universally in solvent-borne and radiation-curing systems.A simple integrated flow sensor, with silicon spreading-resistance (SR) as the temperature-sensing element, has been designed and fabricated by a standard IC process.

The operation of this spreading-resistance silicon flow (SRSF) sensor is based on the transfer of heat from a heated chip to a flowing fluid. The temperature difference on the chip is a measure of the flow velocity. Measurements are given for velocities up to about 4 m s−1 for air at room temperature, and higher sensor output is obtained for a higher temperature difference between the chip and flow.

The SRSF sensor shows good prospects in applications involving velocity and direction sensitivities, and has great potential for flows of temperature higher than the intrinsic temperature of silicon (≃ 150°C) because the SR can sense higher temperature than conventional device structures.

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