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Water Resistance of Silicone Fluid Lotion Offset Silres BS 1042

Dec 6, 2023

Product Name: Waterproof Agent
Item No.: SilibaseWR-1042
SilibaseWR-1042 is a lotion of active siloxane developed by our company, which can give perlite and glass wool excellent anti clogging performance.

SilibaseWR-1042 is an aqueous emulsion of a reactive polydimethylsiloxane. It is used to impart water-repellency to glass wool mat or rock wool mat bound with phenolic resin or to low-density bulk goods such as perlite or vermiculite.

Prevention and treatment of perlite
Anti-corrosion treatment of perlite products
Glass wool products anti rust treatment
Anti-aging treatment of various insulation substrates

Product Data:
Appearance:milky liquid
Active substance content:60%
Viscosity:200-500 MPa. s

Separation stability:
30 minutes without stratification at a speed of 3000rpm

Product Characteristics:
Low VOC, convenient and environmentally friendly
Excellent surface drainage effect and strong resistance to surface pressure
No residue on the substrate


Product Usage
SilibaseWR-1042 can be diluted according to any method, and the dilution ratio should be designed according to the anti-leakage performance requirements. It can be applied through spraying or other appropriate processes, and its dosage accounts for 0.2% -2.0% of the total mass of the treated substrate. The specific dosage depends on the experimental debugging situation. The product should not be excessive, as excessive dosage can lead to a decrease in the anti-leakage effect of perlite.

Packaging and Storage:
Packaging: 200KG plastic bucket or customer designated packaging
Storage: Store at 5-30℃, avoid contact with strong acids and alkalis
Shelf life: From the production of the product, the validity period is one year.

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