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Use of Silicone Defoamer for Food

Nov 6, 2020

The main ingredients of food-grade defoamers include calcium carbonate\sorbitan fatty acid ester\silicone oil\food preservatives, etc. Of course, there will be a certain amount of short-chain fatty acid defoamers in general defoamers. There are many types of antifoaming agents. Alkyl, polyether, silicon and ether grafts, containing amines, imines and amides, have faster defoaming speed, longer foam suppression time, wider range of applicable media, and even harsh media environments such as high temperature, strong acid and strong Characteristics of alkali. It is widely used to remove harmful foam produced in the production process of latex, textile sizing, food fermentation, biomedicine, coating, petrochemical, papermaking, industrial cleaning and other industries. Because of its low purity and containing heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, it is extremely harmful to human health and may even cause cancer.

Composition of defoaming agent: (1) Active ingredient Function: defoaming, defoaming, reducing surface tension: Representative: silicone oil, polyethers, higher alcohols, etc. (2) Emulsifier function: Disperse the active ingredients into small particles, which are easy to disperse in water, and have better defoaming and anti-foaming effects. Representatives: non(octyl) phenol polyoxyethylene ether, soap salt, op series, Tween series, Span series, etc. (3) Carrier function: Conducive to the combination of the carrier and the foaming system, easy to disperse into the foaming system, and combining the two, its own surface tension is low, it helps to inhibit foam and can reduce costs. Representative: solvents other than water, such as aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, oxygenated solvents, etc. (4) Emulsification aids Function: to make the emulsification effect better. Representative: * Dispersant: hydrophobic silica, etc.; * Tackifier: CMC, polyvinyl ether, etc.

In the mass production of soy products such as soy milk, noodles, tofu, tofu nao, or foods with high starch content, because the food raw materials are stirred by external forces, a large number of bubbles will be generated. The bubbles are powdery materials of the raw materials, so it is very difficult for a while. Difficult to remove. There are defoamers for food processing on sale in food additives, which have lower surface tension and higher surface activity, and can inhibit or eliminate foam in the liquid.
Defoamers, foam inhibitors, and defoamers are collectively called defoamers.
Foam breaking: In contrast to foam (foam polymer), it penetrates into the bubble from the air side and breaks the bubble together.
Anti-foaming: Invade the bubbles from the liquid side and break the bubbles together, making it difficult to produce bubbles.
Defoaming: Invade the bubble from the interface of the bubble, so that the bubble merges and rises to the surface.
It must be noted that there are industrial defoamers and food defoamers.

Food silicone defoamer is made of polyoxysilane-polyether as the main material and is refined by a special process. It is a professional defoamer used in biological fermentation and food processing industries. It has excellent performance in high temperatures. Stability. It is characterized by one-time addition, rapid defoaming, ultra-long foam suppression, very small amount, safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, especially resistant to high temperature disinfection, and its stability is better than other defoamers. It can be used in heat sterilization fermentation projects Or various foaming liquids under high temperature conditions are new and updated products in the fermentation industry. Only a small amount of organic silicon defoamer for food is added to produce an obvious defoaming effect. GT-3000 conforms to food-grade standards. According to the characteristics of the fermentation broth, it can be directly added to the fermentation broth together with the base material, or it can be diluted 10-40 times with vegetable oil or purified water, and then added or supplemented after being sterilized at 120°C. , It overcomes the stability of high temperature disinfection before fermentation, the inhibition of bacterial growth during the fermentation process and the shortcomings of fermentation tank fouling, and the advantages of easy separation after fermentation and easy cleaning of the tank, and the organic silicon defoaming agent used for food is effective for biological Fermentation will not have any hindrance, will not change the quality of the product, and has excellent heat resistance. Mainly used in fermentation processes such as biomedicine. Such as: xanthan gum, yeast, monosodium glutamate fermentation, etc.

Food silicone defoamers are suitable for use in water-soluble foaming liquids. If used in non-aqueous solvents, please choose a solvent-based defoamer. The addition amount of this product is 10-100ppm (0.001-0.05%). Quite enough. Since the defoaming effect will be affected by the formula of the culture medium, strains, air flow, temperature, equipment and method of addition, at the beginning, add 50ppm, and then increase or decrease according to the results. This product is a defoamer for indirect consumption. If GT-3000 is added to the fermentation, heat and sterilize GT-3000 at 121℃×15-30 minutes. After it has cooled, stir gently, and use sterilizing water after sterilization. Diluted to 5-10 times, the dilution can make the dispersion better and the defoaming effect improved. It is not to add a large amount at the beginning, but to add slowly depending on the foaming state, intermittent addition will be more economical. The diluted GT-3000 is best to be used up at one time. If it is left standing for a while, it will be more effective if it should be stirred before use.

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