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The knowledge of silicon agent

Jan 14, 2014

To take off the silicon agent is as pure science and technology development, smelting condition improvement, raise the level of operation, low silicon pig iron gradually reduce the content of silicon, but the quality of the fuel resources more poor, and restricted the high quality steel products demand, forced to further strengthen the iron production low electric smelting measures.

This new type of to take off the silicon agent, can make the low of silicon content in ferrosilicon dropped below 0.4%, the effect is remarkable. According to experience count: the molten iron content of silicon dropped 1%, and improve the utilization coefficient of converter 13-15%, ton lower cost. In iron-smelting process, pig iron content of silicon reduced by 1% and production increased by 5-6%, coke rate down 35-75 kg/t. The product points off the furnace and furnace off outside silicon silicon two kinds. The furnace is off coal injection system using silicon to blast furnace injection to take off in silicon agent.

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