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The formation of surfactant micelle

Jan 14, 2014

Within a certain range of concentration, the micelles in solution of spherical structure, defoaming agent and a constant molecular association number, the hydrocarbon chain constitute the kernel, and free wrap-around remained similar to the liquid state. Most non-polar properties and structure of liquid crystalline state. Affected by the surfactant hydrophilic binding, and hydrophilic connected small amounts of methyl directional orderly arranged to form a grid layer ( also called the Paley Seder layer. Parisidelayer ), a hydrophilic group distribution in spherical micelles surface and the degree of hydration. In the hydration effect, antistatic agent of water molecules can penetrate the palisade layer. For ionic surfactants, the counter ions are adsorbed in the micellar surface. When the solution of surfactant concentration increases, the micelle size or association number increase could no longer maintain the spherical structure into rodlike micelles ( Figure 2 - 14b ), the rod-like structure has certain flexibility, penetrating agent when the surfactant concentration increases, from rod-like structures into six angle, the concentration of larger, into a plate shape or a layered structure . From a spherical structure to the layered structure, surface active agent of the hydrocarbon chain from the disorder distribution into a structured arrangement, completed from the liquid to the liquid crystalline phase transition. Six angular bundle structure and lamellar structure have shown obvious anisotropic optical properties, in a layered structure, surfactant molecules are arranged in close proximity to the bilayer structure. Polyethylene glycol peg in high concentration of surfactant in aqueous solution, such as a small amount of non polar solvent in the presence of a reverse micelle, then may be formed, namely the hydrophilic group inward, polyether lipophilic groups toward nonpolar liquid..

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