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The development of Silicone surfactant

Jan 14, 2014

Silicone surfactant as organic silicon compounds of gens containing silicon surfactants, from 60s on was used in the industrial field, but it received massive and full of rapid development in the 80s. As organic silicon defoaming agent, its application field also is very extensive, got more and more attentions by people from all walks of life.

Germany experimental physicists Quincke first proposed with chemical method to defoaming, such as using ethyl ether steam can eliminate soap bubbles. 19 century of colloid chemist J.P lateau had to liquid foaming ability, studied, surface tension and viscosity put small strong sex big blister. Japan colloid chemist Sasaki constant filial piety in before the second world war began to study bubble, and the post-war continuous published several articles, become the defoaming a specialist. The United States colloid chemist S Ross in during world war ii, the oil's defoaming problem, and the post-war published many articles about for defoaming research report, in defoaming agent mechanism made outstanding contribution. In 1952, the dow corning (DowCorning) company C C Currie at that time to the literature of the defoaming agent a larger scale of consolidation, the papermaking, fermentation, boiler, and other aspects of the defoaming technology for a comprehensive system of research. In 1954, the United States Wagnd-OTT company first put into production type polyether defoaming agent, has been developing rapidly. But widespread application and research in recent years from the development of the industry as polyether, began.

In the 50s, our country begins to fermentation, and paper industry of the defoaming of exploratory research problems. In the early 60s, our country begins to reserch lubricant, transmission oil of the defoaming problems research system, which can help the plane, internal combustion engines, naval, cars. Then the papermaking, printing, dyeing, fermentation and natural gas desulfurization, concrete. At the end of the 60s, China began to research the type polyether defoaming agent,in the 70s, to start producing polyether type defoaming agent, first used in antibiotics fermentation, and gradually extended to other areas, variety, from the time of a single species glycerin polyether GP development to today's GPE, PPE and BAPE, etc. In the 80 s, various kinds of defoaming agent emerge in a large amount, defoaming technology is also in our country all walks of life a wide range of applications.

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